Social Media Marketing

Why is Social Media Marketing important to your organizations comprehensive Internet Marketing program?

SMM / Search Media Marketing also include Social Networking activities as part of your over Online, Media Marketing Campaign.Social Media & Networking services include but are not limited to the following services:

  • Developing, updating, article writing, advertising and submitting your company’s social networking and social media pages on a continual bases.
  • Developing relevant content to your industry, products, services, topics, etc. to show your audience your level of expertise.
  • Engaging with your audience to keep the interactions
  • Responding to fans

Social Media Sites

  1. Twitter – great for engaging with your target audience and sharing quickly through the day
  2. Facebook – the Relationship Builder – pictures and short video
  3. YouTube – made for Product Demonstrations & How To Videos – eveyone has a video in them
  4. LinkedIn – Suitable for Professional Presence & Reputation Builder
  5. Pinterest & Instagram – Vital to and for today’s active professional on the go
  6. Facebook Live & Periscope – best for engaging live with your audience

Concierge Menu (Customization options additional)

Concierge services are provided to those businesses who just want someone to do the social media piece for you.  While this services has alot of engagement and planing between your business and our agency, we manage and take care of your brand’s online presence.  Projects are quoted based on a clear definition of project scope. Everyone’s needs are different, some businesses need a little other need much more.  The foundation for all “Done For You” projects include Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

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